Is Canva Any Good?

If you’re looking for a design application or software you may have come across Canva and be wondering; is Canva any good? If so let us tell you that yes it absolutely is. Canva is not only good it’s brilliant.

It’s something we’ve been using for all our designs on our sites and it’s served us very well.

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Is Canva Any Good?

Let’s take a look at the reasons why we feel Canva is such a great choice if you need to design just about any type of visual.

It Will Make Anyone Look Good

Canva can make pretty much anyone willing to put some effort into it look like an absolute pro. Okay so it won’t make you magically better than you are at design but it will do a pretty god job of taking what would otherwise be average pieces of content and making them look awesome.

It’s Super Simple To Use

One of the most attractive features of Canva is how easy it is to use. Putting together designs is made easy by the click and drag options available on the platform.

Excellent Templates

Whether you want to post on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or just need a blog banner, Canva will have you covered as they have hundreds of ready made templates ready to go for each platform.

We love this aspect of it because you don’t have to start from scratch with a design. If you’ve ever stared at a blank page when starting to write you know how daunting that white space can be. This is 10 times worse when you need to design something (or at least some of us think so). That’s why Canva is so great; you can get started with their ready-made templates and then tailor it to your needs.

This has saved us a ton of time as we don’t sit there looking at a blank screen for 20 minutes thinking about how to structure the post.

Is Canva Any Good?
Is Canva Any Good?

Re-size Designs

If you’ve ever spent lots of time and effort on a design for one platform then had to spend just as much rejigging it for another platform then you’ll really appreciate Canva’s resizing function. This will for example, take a post designed for Pinterest and resize and reformat it for Facebook. This has saved us a lot of time and means you only have to worry about designing a post for one platform and then sending across all of your various social media platforms.

Now admittedly some styles of posts work better than others for this but overall it’s an awesome feature.

Great Photo Collection

The last thing you want when you’re designing a post is having to head to different sources to pull it altoghter. The classic time suck is trawling through stock photo sites for images.

This is why Canva’s photo collection is such a welcomed part of their toolkit. You get access to millions of photos that you can drop straight into your design without having to leave the app.

Awesome Icons

One of the areas (out of quite a lot it must be said) that really stands out on Canva is its “Elements” selection. These are a truly wide range of grapics, icons, illustrations, shapes and more that can be used to help elevate your designs and convey various messages.

Rather than having to design your own icons or find them from other sources, Canva provides a wide range of options and you have the choice in many of them to customise them to an extent particularly when it comes to the colour.

Great Choice In Text

It doesn’t matter how great your design is if your text game is weak.

Canva has you covered in this area as it not only offers a great selection of attractive texts but also provides you with some great text combinations to make your designs really pop.

Music For Your Designs

Another cool feature which makes Canva quite an attractive option and something we only noticed recently is the ability to add music to your creative work.

Music can make an average piece of content stand out and its great that you now have the option of adding a soundtrack to your designs.

Create Your Own Brand Kit

If you’re going to be using Canva consistently (like we do) for a particular brand then you’ll love their brand kit feature which allows you to setup your own unique styling features for your brand.

This includes your logos, specific colour palettes as well as the opportunity to upload your own unique font.

This is an excellent feature that allows you to maintain brand consistency across all of your posts with relative ease.

Conclusion: Is Canva Any Good?

So, is Canva any good? As you may be able to tell we definitely think so. No doubt there lots of other design apps out there but from what we’ve seen Canva ticks all the boxes and manages to do it in a way that pretty much anyone can pick up and run with.

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