Why Bluehost Is The Best Web Host Platform

There are many reasons why people love BlueHost so much and there are plenty of reasons why I have to agree! Having used BlueHost for all of my major website endeavours I can personally testify to how awesome it is. Here are the top 3 reasons why I think BlueHost is the best of the crowded bunch:

1 – It’s Very Easy To Use

For me this makes it top of the list; Bluehost is super simple to use. Even when I was an absolute beginner some 4 odd years ago in the blogging and website space, Bluehost was stunningly easy to get my head around.

2 – It’s Great Value For Money

One of the best things about Bluehost is the fact that their services do not feel overpriced considering everything you get included. This is important as it’s likely that you won’t want to spend too much on your website in the early days (or ever for that matter!).

3 – It Will Help You Get Started

You pay for webhosting with Bluehost in one lump sum when you sign up. Whilst this might put some people off I found this exhilarating as I was fully invested from day one for at least one year with no escape button. If I was paying monthly with the ability to abandon the project at any time, there’s more chance of me bailing when things get tough (which they do all the time). As I know I’ve invested a sizeable amount upfront I have a far greater commitment to pushing through the hard times when traffic is slow or I’m struggling to write new content.

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